• 7711-lalka_metoo-mini-laleczka-metoodolls-uszatka-8
  • 7711-lalka_metoo-mini-laleczka-metoodolls-uszatka-8

Metoo Yellow Angela doll mini 18cm

Shipping: 24h


We have something for Mom too;)

Our best selling mini dolls! Perfect handbags, as a key ring.

Always at hand, ready to comfort the baby or as a small gift.

Metoo doll with ear hooks in pastel colors. Made entirely of soft material.

The doll is lightweight, has a plastic pendant at the head, which makes it easy for children to wear it or attach it to a trolley or a baby bed. Metoo dolls and pendants are free of minor and dangerous items, making them suitable for the smallest children.

The length of the doll is 18cm with a pendant.

Dolls are original and have the CE symbol, which means that the product complies with the essential health, safety and environmental requirements.

Product is 0% VAT - preferential rate applicable only for VALID EU VAT customers to the intra-Community supply of goods and the export of goods. 

If You are not VALID EU VAT customer please wait with payment until we will send You Invoice with VAT. 

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